ANGÁ Capoeira Internacional

The ANGÁ Capoeira group was formed in 2018 by Master Maxuel and his  students. Its objective is to support the development of the members by  the creation of new projects through a collective organization. It is  present in Brazil, Chile, France, the United States, Kuwait, French Guyana  and  Australia. The Angá Capoeira group is affiliated with Capoeira Sul da  Bahia.

  • History: Capoeira Sul da Bahia was founded over thirty years ago by Master Railson in Arraial d'Ajuda - Bahia in Brazil.
  • Bahia - a region of Brazil in which 80% of the population is multiracial. It is globally recognized for its cultural richness. It is the birthplace of Capoeira as the first point of arrival of slaves from Africa to work in the sugar cane plantations in the sixteenth century.
  • The word "ANGÁ" comes from the Tupi-Guarani people, the most common indigenous language in Brazil, reminding us of the Brazilian roots of Capoeira and  commemorating the contribution of aboriginal people of the land that today is called Brazil. ANGÁ is an expression of pleasant surprise (oh good!) and also means shelter and soul.

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