Mestre Maxuel

 Maxuel Moreira  was born on July 13, 1978 in  Bahia,  Brazil. He began practicing Capoeira at the age  of five with Mestre  Railson.

In March 1997 he emigrated to Chile with the purpose  of teach Capoeira.

In 1999 he organized the  First International Meeting of Capoeira in Chile where he baptized  nearly 300 students. He performed on several important places such a  tv shows, government events, embassies  etc. He  also set up social work in the slums of Santiago, to promote the social  integration and equality. In January 2006, Maxuel moves to Paris, France and in  2007 he organized his 1st International Capoeira Sul da Bahia Meeting  in France, with many guests like the Masters Mao Branca and Railson and  some twenty Mestrando, Teachers and Instructors worldwide and about two  hundred spectators The same year, he received the rank of Contra-Mestre  of Capoeira, at the 3rd International Festival Capoeira Sul da Bahia  Arraial d'Ajuda, Brazil. 

In 2010, he opened the  first Capoeira Academy in France.

Experience in the United States

(2016-current): Master Maxuel moved to
Philadelphia in 2016, where he teaches capoeira classes for children and adults.
He also taught workshops at the 'Global Philadelphia' Association (see articles
in the Huffington Post and The Philadelphia Tribune) and Penn Museum. Participated in Capoeira demonstrations at the Barnes Foundation, Kimmel Center, City Hall an 

Penn's Landing (among other places).

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