ANGÁ Maryland Monitors

Over the past eight years Professor Hakim has graduated four professors (Monitors).

Ali Ahmed (Monitor Dendê)

Ali has always had an interest in the art of capoeira. He began his capoeira journey in the late 2000’s and it cultivated into one of his many passions. The culture, physical and mental demands that Capoeira brings intrigues and motivates him. A quote he lives by is “Rise up...accomplish what you will” ~ Garvey

Amado Carsky (Monitor Chuva)

Amado began training capoeira in 2009 in Cotonou, Benin (The city where he grew up). In 2010 Amado joined Capoeira Sul Da Bahia under the instruction of Professor Hakim. He can’t get enough of capoeira for the culture, experiences it generates, the phenomenal energy created by capoeiristas and instruments, and the multi-dimensional conversation of a technical capoeira game.

Solomon Foster (Monitor Urso)

Solomon Foster (Monitor Urso)  began practicing capoeira at the University of Maryland in 2008 with Roberto Tapia (Professor Hakim ). Solomon has been training capoeira at Roda Movements Studio in Takoma Park, MD since then. Urso traveled to Arraial D'Ajuda, Brazil twice to participate in the “Encontro Mundial de Capoeira” “World Capoeira Encounter”. Urso received his monitor cord/belt in October 2014.

Jonathan Tivadi (Monitor Jonathan)

Jonathan started training Capoeira with Hakim in 2010, He got his cord of instructor in 2014, Jonathan is also is a black belt TaeKwonDo. 

Monitors in action

Jonatha, Ali & Amado getting the cord of Monitor, Batizado Capoeira Sul da Bahia-DC 2014