ANGÁ Maryland


ANGÁ-CAPOEIRA Maryland-DC  is a group whose principal  mission is to encourage and promote the art of Capoeira.  Students  (Kids and Adults) will  learn and enjoy specific movements and rhythms through the knowledge and  techniques of qualified and professional teachers in an amiable  environment. Classes are held by Roberto Tapia (Professor Hakim), Instructor Ali, Instructor Amado & Monitor Urso.


  • Popularize Capoeira in D.C. Area  through frequent, systematic classes taught using established methodologies of learning.
  • Focus most on Capoeira Regional, but also Capoeira Angola and other Brazilian dances such a  Maculele.
  • Provide students with opportunities to further strengthen and  develop their skills through Batizados, meetings, rodas and workshops  taught by visiting experts.
  •  Strengthen the presence of Afro-Brazilian Culture in the community  through classes along with events, shows, festivals and presentations. 

Find out more - Report made by "the Washington Post".

Kids & Adult Classes in Takoma Park, MD

ANGA Capoeira at Roda Movements Studio


No upcoming events.


Classic Capoeira Lyrics (docx)



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